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It is named resurrection bush because for most of the year it is a reddish-brown with dead leaves but when it rains it revives quickly and it becomes green. It can be used for steaming, bathing (soak in water first to revive the bush), consumed as a herbal tea, added to porridge (in powder form) and used for smudging.


1. Caffeine free

2. Helps prevents muscle cramping

3. Fights premature aging and oxidative stress caused by hectic lifestyles

4. Has cancer reducing properties

5. An immune booster

6. Decoctions fends off flu, coughs, inflammation, headaches, backaches, bad breath, hypertension, kidney disorders, haemorrhoids, menstrual pain and scurvy

7. Has naturally occurring sodium which helps the body to hold water hence staying hydrated

8.Treats abrasions

9. Helps regulate blood pressure

10. Benefits those who suffer from fatigue and low energy

11. High in antioxidants

12. The leaves are a source of arbutin whi